Library, Radovish

Library Braka Miladinovci in Radovish

year: 2006 total

area: 300 m²


In the framework of the UNDP Project “Friendly Libraries for all citizens”, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme /UNDP/ was required rehabilitation and modernization of the existing libraries.General task was preparation of Preliminary Design for Renovation, Functional adaptation, Interior design and furnishing /equipment/ of the library premises in Macedonia. The new design for Interior of the existing Library in Radovish was prepared for transformation of the library into access point for all citizens. Space of intervention was already shaped and finished. There were planned interventions that will improve the functionality of the Library and will make it more attractive place for the citizens. The main idea is to make the Library modern multi-functional center that will activate public interest for the libraries.The concept for the interior design is maintaining open and spacious center, with closed areas for services and officeswhich require more privacy. This organization of the space provides space with good functionality and quality for reading and working in the library.

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